Covid-19 Global Design Thinking Challenge

Students and Pandemic

We've seen a recent surge of activity around the world as health authorities try to contain the spread of the corona virus and help those whose lives have already been impacted by the virus.

We are aware of the power of youth can bring the Global Design Thinking solutions to tackle the challenges posed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Unlike traditional innovation idea competitions, our intention is to empower the creation of ideas through igniting student’s mind and further mentoring their ideas – with the ultimate goal of stimulating the realisation of start-ups that can make a difference.

This Design Challenges intending to engage students who are currently unable to leave the house and/or distract a worried child with a fun challenging activity.

Covid-19 Global Design Challenges will definitely help children feel optimistic and empowered in this challenging time and provide opportunities for parents and teachers to discuss the Covid-19 challenges openly and honestly.

About the Challenge

We know that many students and teachers around the world are not able to go to school at the moment, while others are worrying about the virus and the effect it might have on their family and friends.

As people around the world adapt their everyday behaviors to avoid the spread of the virus, we've observed some great examples of Global Design Thinking being used to solve the problems they encounter.

So we've created 10 Covid-19 Global Design Thinking Challenges or lesson ideas for students to design even better solutions.

Covid 19 is a student-led Global Design Thinking initiative that asks students to provide innovative solutions to solve real life COVID-19 related Challenges.


Virtual mentoring will be available to all Global Design Thinking solutions at each stage. Participants are allowed to build with the technologies of their choice, across other areas that could create an impact and curb the spread and future outbreaks, so feel free to think outside the box!

1. Judging Criteria
2. Judges will review each innovators idea & engage in live Q&A to know more about followings.
3. Impact & Value Proposition
4. Impacts of solution for mankind?
5. Competitive Advantage
6. Distinct Advantage
7. Implementation Plan
8. Financial Viability
9. Best 10 Design Thinking Solutions will get the Certificate of Covid-19 Global Innovator and will be listed on GIE -USAID, DFAT and KOICA COVID-19 Innovation Hub.


Over 10 years of experience we’ll ensure 100% Sustainable Solutions.