Sample Green Curriculum

About Green Curriculum

The goals of the Green Curriculum is to engage students' CURIOSITY and to create EXCITEMENT around science and math through hands-on EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING with Nature.

Pre-K students are garden explorers, and they learn how to explore the garden using their senses.

Kindergarten students will learn the basic elements behind the GARDEN ECOSYSTEM from the importance of sunshine and water to their own role as caretakers of the garden.

A First grader will learn to identify the key stages of the LIFE CYCLE OF PLANTS and will review the basic needs for each stage of a plant's life cycle.

Second grade students are encouraged to be GARDEN DETECTIVES. They will OBSERVE INSECTS in the garden to understand what the insects eat, and will learn about insect feeding preferences and how those preferences impact the ecosystem of the garden.

Third grade students will learn about the different types of SOIL, the components of soil, and will also analyze how weather, climate and erosion affect soil and plant growth.

Fourth grade students will focus on natural systems by observing patterns in nature and will explore the FLOW OF ENERGY, INPUTS AND OUTPUTS in the school garden setting.

Fifth grade lessons are broken into two units: The FARMERS' MARKET unit focuses on training students how to create and run their own business, which is a successful Farmers' Market. The second unit focuses on FOOD JUSTICE in the local community and around.

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