Post Graduate Diploma in Green Teaching


This Course is designed to be completed in one year containing various Nature Skills that empower you to bring power of nature into all State, National and International Curriculum.


This course is also designed to further develop each student's personal philosophy, motivation, and dedication to a career in sustainable education worldwide. The subjects incorporated into its curriculum are simple and easy to understand. If you have interest in the teaching field, then you will be able to finish the program smoothly.

Graduate aspiring to build their career in Green Teaching should possess these traits and skill sets i.e. Passion for Environment, Passion for Teaching, Patience, Discipline, Enthusiasm, Communication skills, Creativity and Management skills. Any candidate intending to enroll in this program, will have to appear in the Entrance Test. Performance of Entrance Test will be the Eligibility of Admission.

This program intend to connect all subjects i.e. Languages, Science, Math's, Social Studies, Arts, Music, Dance and Technologies with the nature. That will empower you to understand the Communication skills with Nature, Green Pedagogy, Green Curriculum, Green Games, Green Auditing, Green STEM, Green Co-Curriculum Activities and Green Academic Calendar.

This program will empower you to work in Green School, Green Classroom, Green Lab, Green Art Studio, Mountain Classroom and Marine Classroom.

The program is divided into 2 Semesters of 6 Months each. Training will be imparted by renowned Green Educators of National or International repute and various Green domain experts through online and offline classroom session, projects and assignments with International internship.

Diploma in Green Teaching opens ocean of opportunities in Green Schools across the World, as Green Teacher, Principal, Administrator, Green Auditor, Green Mentor, Trainer, Writer and Content developer. Program is accredited by Green Mentors- a leading Global Green School Company based in India.

Hoping to bring nature into your teaching career through this Diploma in Green Teaching Program.


Over 10 years of experience we’ll ensure 100% Sustainable Solutions.