5th NYC Green School Conference – 2021

5th NYC Green School Conference – 2021


5th NYC Green School Conference – 2021 is an International Sustainable Education Event designed to bring together the growing community of Schools and Universities who are ready to accept “accountability to the future”—a special role and a special responsibility in confronting the challenges of climate change and sustainability.

Who will be attending?
Schools, Universities, Educators, Investors, Environmentalists, NGOs, Enterprises, Architect, Journalist, Writer, Policy Makers, Indigenous Community Leaders, Technology Developers, & Artists.

Who will be speaking?
Global leaders in sustainability practices, innovators and change makers who are making green difference in the areas of Education, Art, Culture, Entertainment, Sport, Governance, Policy Making, Trade, Business and Social Services are invited to share their inspiring stories with the attendees.

Registration Fee for

  • Conference Presenter : 100$
  • Research Paper presenter : 250$
  • Green Awards : 250$





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