Green Uniform Solutions

How strange is that, we buy our kids’ clothes for the weekend which are made of natural fabrics, and yet the uniform they have to wear for atleast 50 hours in a week at a school, made from polyester, viscose, acrylic or poly-cotton.


Everyone wishes to have the choice of school uniforms made from ethically procured eco‐friendly fabrics which have no malicious chemicals, so that our kids can be safe, comfortable, and allergy‐free while learning in schools.


Now we are proud and delighted to offer the exclusively designed Green Uniform made from 100% pure native cotton, made in zero Carbon Emission Facilities, dyed with natural colors having no nasty chemical, makes students feel smart, confident, ethical, natural, comfortable, lovely and soft. Each and every part of Green Uniform passes through stringent testing standards of shrinkage, wet and dry colorfastness, tear strength, seam slippage, pilling.

Over 10 years of experience we’ll ensure 100% Sustainable Solutions.